Nitrogen Charging Unit

Type: DLE 75-1-GG-FEC/-/-/-/T/M/0-600 bar (63)/N2/A1/KG/ PS_SC_PS_-/

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More Information
Catalog Number DLE 75-1-GG-FEC/-/-/-/T/M/0-600 bar (63)/N2/A1/KG/ PS_SC_PS_-/
Custom tarif number 84148051
Design N2 Charging station
Mobility Portable
Type / pressure generator DLE 75-1-GG-FEC
Fluid Inert, Nitrogen
Pressure range 0 - 500 bar
Min. Drive pressure 1 bar
Max. Drive pressure 7 bar
Outlet pressure max. 500 bar
Number of outlets 1
Drive pressure PL 8B - 1/2 BSPP with seal outside
Pressure outlet P 4B - 1/4 BSPP with seal outside
Pressure inlet A N2 Bottle connection
Bleed connection 4B - 1/4 BSPP with seal outside
Pressure bleed EVH - Pressure bleed manual
Pressure gauge 0-600 bar ø 63 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 450 x 550 x 500 mm
Weight approx. 29 kg