Setting filters can help you to find your product easier.

Shown by example  (MO 8, pump for oil operation, pressure range up to 500 bar, operating pressure: 90 bar, transmission ratio: 1:9, connections: 1/4 NPT, 3/4 NPT, 1/2 NPT) for clarity.

  • On the overview page you have many different filter options on the left
  • In the category area, select Oil operation up to 1,000 bar
  • Then move the controller for the max. operating pressure
  • Finally, the transmission ratio of 1:9
  • Now only the MO 8 pump is in the search result


You can also filter according to the various connections

  • On the product detail page is the configurable product
  • On the right you have varios options. In most cases several selection options are possible
  • Select the option SMB, the options that are no longer compatible with your selection will be crossed out
  • After choosing the options, you have a specific product with article number and technical data

If you need help with searching or have questions about a product, a product group or specific properties, you will find further explanations at Service & informations.