H2 Booster Station - HYDRO HULC

Type: HYDRO HULC 1000

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More Information
Catalog Number HYDRO HULC 1000
Design 19" rack frame
Type / pressure generator DLE 75-2-GU-H2
Fluid Hydrogen
Pressure range 500 - 1000 bar
Min. Drive pressure 1 bar
Max. Drive pressure 6 bar
Outlet pressure max. 1000 bar
Number of outlets 1
Drive pressure PL 8B - 1/2 BSPP with seal outside
Pressure outlet P 4M - 1/4" Tube Medium Pressure
Pressure inlet A 4M - 1/4" Tube Medium Pressure
Bleed connection 8B - 1/2 BSPP with seal outside
Pressure gauge 0-1000 bar ø 63 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 483 x 920 x 270 mm
Weight approx. 50 kg


The Maximator HULC Series includes all necessary components to compress Hydrogen or other gases in a safe way to maximum 1.000 bar.

This complete series is installed in a 19“ rack frame with front panel mounting and front connection for easy installation, change and ac cess. This system can be easy installed and combined.

For all application the MASTER module is mandatory and is handling safety and functional features for maximum 3 X Modules. The X-modules can be combined and connected depending on the application and will compress the gas up to 1.000 bar